2005 - Butterfly Island

Dazzle Bright
Sunny Scents
Dream Design
Jewel Birthday
Mail Order
Super Long Hair
Scootin Along
Dress Up Sets
Seaside Celebration
Wing Wishes
Purse Sets
Pony Packs
Accessory Sets

Building Playsets
Special Release
Points Program

Welcome to BUTTERFLY ISLAND! In this tropical paradise, the sun is brighter, the sky is bluer and it feels like magic is in the air! From morning to night, the ponies are having fun and meeting new friends - like the magical Pegasus ponies that soar through the sky! At BUTTERFLY ISLAND anything can happen, and new adventures are always just around the corner!

Pegasus Ponies

Pony legend says that magical, mysterious Pegasus ponies are the greatest wish-granters of all. If you wish for something hard enough, a Pegasus pony just might appear. . . and help you discover the power to make your dreams come true!


Jewel Birthday

January Joy

Fantastical February

March Mischief

May Belle

June Blossom

July Jubilee

Sweet September

October Dreams

November Nights

December Delight

Baby Ponies - Target Exclusive

Charm Bracelet

Hula Lula

Lavender Locket

Penny Candy

Sandy Island

Valentine Ponies - Target Exclusive

Easter Ponies



Easter Egg Ponies

Spring Basket

A new Spring Basket was released for 2005. It comes with a set of three ponies and other accessories. They come with a plastic basket/bucket.


Winter Ponies



Winter Baby Ponies - Meijer Exclusive

Jingle Jangle

Ribbons & Bows


Discount Singles - Discount Chain Exclusive

Peachie Keen

Strawberry Sunset


Mail Order

Love Wishes was packaged in a clear plastic bag with a paper insert about her.

Other Mail Order Merchandise

Love Wishes

Scootin Along

Flitter Flutter

Scooter Sprite

Dress-up Sets

Sweetsong II

Bubble Bath Time

Shenanigans II

Study Break

Pinkie Pie II

Whimsical Winter

Seaside Celebration Dress-Up

Bumblesweet II

Seaside Celebration

Cherry Blossom II

Seaside Celebration

Golden Delicious
Seaside Celebration


Seaside Celebration


Seaside Celebration

Wysteria II

Seaside Celebration


Seaside Celebration with Bonus Baby - Int'l Exclusive

Seaside Celebration Bumblesweet II
& bonus Hula Lula

Seaside Celebration Cherry Blossom II
& bonus Sandy Island

Seaside Celebration Wysteria II
& bonus Surf Star

Wing Wishes

Fluttershy II

Wing Wishes

Minty III

Wing Wishes

Toola-Roola #1 II
Wing Wishes


Wing Wishes bonus Pony

Wing Wishes
Blossomforth &
bonus Spring Fever

Wing Wishes
Fluttershy II &
bonus Doseydotes

Wing Wishes
Minty III &
bonus Tea Leaf

Wing Wishes
Toola Roola II &
bonus Meadowbrook

Purse Sets

Sunny Adventures with
Blossomforth II

Let's Go with
Strawberry Swirl

Sweet Adventures with
Triple Treat II


Pony Packs


Special 2-packs were released in plastic zip up bags. Beach Belle and Caribbean Delight are Super Long Hair ponies and they came with dress up accessories, two flower brushes and were a Menard's exclusive. This set is extremely rare.


A 4-pack of ponies was also released this year exclusive to Toys R Us. It came with 4 flower brushes.


Finger Paints

Rainbow Swirl II

Accessory Sets

__ Sharing Tea with __ Serendipity
__ Birthday Celebration with __ Sweetberry II
__ Moonlight Celebration with __ Tink-a-tink-a-too II
__ Ponyville Picnic with __ Rainbow Dash I
__ Petal Blossom with __ apple picking/picnic set
__ Seaside Surprise with __ Sweet Summertime (at Toys R US)
__ Summer Shores and __ Ocean Dreamer (at Target in the US)
__ Royalette with __ vanity dress-up set (at Target in the US, at Superstore in Canada)
__ Fancy Flora and __ Sunshine Blossom with __ garden stand set (in the UK and Canada)

Discount Accessory Sets

__ Tea Time Fun with __ Piccolo __ Dress-Up Fun with __ Skywishes __ Picnic Fun with __ Sew-And-So

Building Playsets

__ Frilly Frocks Boutique with __ Frilly Frocks __
Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park with __ Round 'n Round __
Butterfly Island with __ Baby Honolu-Loo
Wonder Waves Surf Shop with __ Guava Lava, __ Bowtie, __ Waterfire, and __ Ribbon Wishes (at Sam’s Club)
Super Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor with __ Butterscotch, __ Lickity Split, and __ Cupcake (at CVS)

Building Playset Value Packs

__ Frilly Frocks Boutique with __ Frilly Frocks, __ Seaside Celebration with __ Cherry Blossom, and __ Scootin’ Along with __ Breezie

__ Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park with __ Round 'n Round, __ Bow-Tie, and __ Flippity-Flop

__ Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park with __ Round 'n Round, __ Seaside Celebration with __ Bumblesweet, and __ Lullabelle (at Kohls)

__ Butterfly Island with __ Baby Honolu-Loo, __ Waterfire, __ Ribbon Wishes, and __ Surf Star (at Toys R US)

__ Butterfly Island with __ Baby Honolu-Loo, with child's __ lei and __ hula skirt (at Wal-Mart)

__ Butterfly Island with __ Baby Honolu-Loo and __ Anchors Away (at Costco)

Special Ponies

Jewelry Sets

__ Musical Wishes Jewelry Box and __ Skywishes
__ Musical Wishes Jewelry Box and __ Skywishes __ with bonus Baby Flower Flash (at Toys R Us)


__ Hidden Treasure with __ Friends are Never Far Away DVD

Book Sets

__ My Little Pony Playtime Cottage with __ Forsythia (in Australia)

Discount 2-packs - Discount Chain Exclusive

& bonus
Flower Flash









__ Kimono II (at KB Toys)
__ Rosey Posey (from Hasbro Children’s Hospital Charity Ball)
__ Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park bonus Pineapple Paradise (HasbroToyShop.com exclusive)

__ Peach Surprise and __ Baby Tea Lily (from Avon)
__ Jazz Matazz and __ Baby Wave Catcher (from Avon)
__ My Little Pony Beauty/Book Set with __ Sunny Daze (from Avon)


__ SDCC Pony Project White Pony (from San Diego Comic-Con)
__ NYC Pony Project Black Pony (available through www.theponyproject.com)
__ NYC Pony Project White Pony with Symbols (VIP pony, not available to public)

Limited Edition Numbered Ponies

Before new ponies were released to the general public, a few ponies were available through an Ebay seller called WorldinAdvance. These ponies boxes were numbered with foil stickers stating they were one of the "First 50" of their kind to be produced. These ponies are sometimes referred to as the "First 50". The ponies themselves are no different than the ponies released to the general public, however ponies still MIB with these stickers sell for higher than ponies that are not numbered. As opposed to ponies sold this way in 2003, these ponies did not come with a certificate.

Promo Packs

2-Packs at Wal-Mart

Promotional 2-packs of ponies were released at Walmart in 2005. The packs came with either Super Long Hair Dibble Dabble or Silver Lining, and the bonus ponies were either Twilight Twinkle, Bunches-O-Fun, Alphabittle, or Fair Weather. The promo pack ponies appear to be the same as their individual releases.

Main Pony

Bonus Pony



3-Pack Scootin’ Along
Seaside Celebration Skywishes
and Bunches-O-Fun
3-Pack Scootin’ Along
Seaside Celebration Golden Delicious
and Twilight Twinkle

3-Pack Wing Wishes
Fluttershy II ,
Seaside Celebration
Bumblesweet II
and Dream Blue


So-Soft Ponies

Angel Dove
"Dress Up"

Bon Appetit

"My First Meal"

Bright Night

"Bright Blessings"


"Dress Up"

Misty Mornings

"Dress Up"

Tripsy Daisy

"Make Me Better"