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Her cutie mark is a 3 blue gems.

Rarity III

2011 - Royal Gem Carriage
ITEM #: 21475   Orig. Retail:
$ 10.99

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Rarity III was released in a new pose in 2011 in the Royal Gem Carriage vehicle playset.

Product Information

RARITY knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles.

This pretty pink, purple and aqua carriage vehicle is definitely fit for royalty! Comb your RARITY pony figure’s hair and put in one of her barrettes so she’s ready to go for a ride. Then, open the carriage vehicle’s front or side doors so she can get in. Your purple-haired pal can enjoy the scenery as she rides in her carriage or even take a peek in the carriage vehicle’s spinning mirror. It’s always a lovely day for a “drive” in this RARITY’S ROYAL GEM CARRIAGE vehicle!

Carriage vehicle comes with pony figure and accessories.

Accessory Variations

The Royal Gem Carriage came with several accessory color variations.

2011 - Royal Gem Carriage Value Pack
ITEM #: 26136   Orig. Retail:
~ International Exclusive ~

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The Royal Gem carriage came with bonus Star Swirl in some international countries.

Product Information

Rarity’s pretty carriage can take ponies all around town to make everyone feel special!
This item comes with the vehicle, Rarity pony figure and accessories.

2011 - Rarity's Carousel Boutique
ITEM #: 29207   Orig. Retail:
$ 29.99

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Rarity III was released in 2011 in the Rarity's Carousel Boutique playset with Sweetie Swirl. It came with a mouse animal friend.

Product Information

Music plays while ponies go around and around on RARITY’S CAROUSEL BOUTIQUE! Your unicorn pony friends want you to come along for a ride on the carousel or to design outfits in the boutique! When you slide the lever, the carousel starts to turn and the music starts to play. Use your "tickets" to get in and enjoy "carnival treats" while you have fun with your pony friends!

Carousel playset comes with 2 pony figures, 2 carousel ponies and accessories.

Includes 2 "AA" batteries.

Ages 3 and up.

2011 - Rarity's Carousel Boutique BONUS
ITEM #: 34371   Orig. Retail:
~ International Exclusive ~

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Rarity III was released again in 2011 in the Rarity's Carousel Boutique playset with Sweetie Swirl. This set includes two bonus animal friends and other bonus items.

Product Information

(translated from French)
Welcome to My Little Pony Magic! Discover the armory Rarity! By pressing the button turns it plays music and magical. Rarity can either do a ride with her three animal friends and her friend from pony or buy candy in a wonderful vehicle!

Included: a carousel, a vehicle, two ponies, three animals, three bars, a bracelet, a comb, a pacifier, a mirror, a side of fries and popcorn.

2 LR6 batteries included

2011 - Glimmer Wings
ITEM #: 37368   Orig. Retail:
$ 7.99

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Rarity was released again in 2011 as a Glimmer Wing single. She came with a butterfly animal friend.

Product Information

RARITY imagines having beautiful wings just like her butterfly friend, and fluttering across the sunny sky!

This beautiful white RARITY pony figure has long, flowing hair for you to comb – and amazing wings that really move! Your playtime with your RARITY pony figure can be on the ground or "in the air"! Take along her butterfly friend on all your adventures. Whether your RARITY figure flies or walks, she’s always ready for fun with you!

Pony figure comes with butterfly.

2012 - Bridle Friends
ITEM #: A0016   Orig. Retail:
$ 9.99

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Product Information

Its time to celebrate the royal wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR! RARITY loves being a bridesmaid. She simply cant wait to see the bride wearing her wedding dress!

No one brings more excitement to a happy event than your RARITY figure! She cant wait to help you celebrate. Help her into her fancy outfit and arrange her hair just right. Theres a magical adventure in store for you, and your RARITY pony is the perfect friend to share it.

Your RARITY pony figure comes with fun and fancy accessories for a wedding adventure! Dress her up and style her hair for an extra special day.

Wedding pony figure comes with accessories.




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Rarity III
Royal Gem Carriage    

Rarity III
Royal Gem Carriage BONUS Int'l  

Rarity III
Rarity's Carousel Boutique   tinsel in hair

Rarity III
Rarity's Carousel Boutique BONUS Int'l tinsel in hair

Rarity III
Glimmer Wings   wings

Rarity III
Bridle Friends