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Please contact me if you have news of new pony releases, ponies in the media, or upcoming pony convention information?

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April 18, 2010 New "Surprise Ponies" spotted on ebay

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Ponyville-type figures were spotted on ebay. They appear to be slightly smaller than regular ponyville. The ones that are particularly interesting are the clear ones.

According to a mlparena member in Germany who saw them in the hasbro catalog, they will be called "surprise ponies" and will be hidden in little bags.

There will be 15 different styles of the core 7 ponies, including different poses and three of which will be clear.

So far we have spotted 2 poses, regular and rearing, and have seen Pinkie Pie and Starsong in the clear versions.

Mar 24, 2010 New "Sister's Day Out" set

This new Mom & Baby set was spotted on www.entertainmentearth.com.

This set includes a new character (unnamed) as Cheerilee and Scootaloo's mom. It also features a new "teeny" newborn cutie Scootaloo.

Mar 3, 2010 New "Cheer Me Up" Cheerilee

This new So-Soft Cheerilee was spotted on www.entertainmentearth.com.

Mar 1, 2010 MLP Fair Design a Pony CONTEST - Ends 4/2

Have you ever wanted to design a My Little Pony? How about an almost two foot tall My Little Pony? If so, then this contest is for you!

Simply download the contest entry form and get to work on your unique My Little Pony design based on the theme "Back to Basics".

One winning design will be chosen by the Fair Staff to be made into a giant almost two foot tall My Little Pony to be unveiled at the 2010 My Little Pony Fair in Louisville, Kentucky. After the event, the giant custom designed My Little Pony will be sent to the winning designer!

The contest runs from now until April 2nd.

Feb 26, 2010 New Ponies spotted on Ebay

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These new ponies were spotted on ebay. They are suspected to be upcoming releases of Comic Con 2010 (white pony), MLP Fair 2010 (bright green pony), and a new Charity Pony (pink pony).

Interesting things to note are that the pink pony is in Daffidazey's pose instead of the typical Core 1 pose that most exclusives have been released in. It also appears that this pony might be in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

The lot of 3 sold for $14.99

Feb 13, 2010 ASM Toy Fair Pictures

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Pictures from the 2010 ASM Toy Fair have been released.

Strange new figures have been shown that are causing a lot of talk. They appear to be a mix of G1 and G3 characters with a new anime look to them.

Some items not seen before the Toy Fair were:

  • New G1/G3 "Anime" lot with DVD
  • Pinkie Pie's Plush talking pony
  • Ponyville "Mermaid" ponies & playsets
  • Remote Control Airplane with Rainbow Dash
  • Cheerilee Plush
  • New Dress Up sets
  • New Designs with Skirts, Crowns, and all-over markings
  • Styling Starsong pony
  • Cheerilee & Scootaloo Mom Set (with "teeny" newborn cutie Scootaloo)

Feb 10, 2010 MLP Fair 2010 will be July 17-18 in Louisville, KY

Event Details
My Little Pony Fair is the world's first large-scale MLP collectors convention. Each year, hundreds of My Little Pony collectors come from all across the globe to meet others who share their interest over the course of several fun-filled days. This annual gathering is the world's largest celebration of everything MLP and brings collectors, friends, and fanatics from all over the world together for a weekend of pony fun! Participants of our previous events have loved the friendly, familial community atmosphere of My Little Pony Fair. We are not just another collector's convention. While we offer information and workshops as traditional conventions do, My Little Pony Fair also offers a wide variety of activities and events for you to participate in! The seventh annual My Little Pony Fair will be held at The Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY on July 17th and 18th, 2010.

The Galt House website can be reached at www.GaltHouse.com

Feb 9, 2010 Bonus Sets found on Hasbro.com

New Ponies found on www.hasbro.com

  • Fancy Hair Sets with Bonus Pinkie Pie with Super Curly hair

  • 1+1 Pack with Regular & Newborn Cutie Sets


Feb 7, 2010 New Dress Up Sets, Ponyville Easter & Ponyville 4-pack found on Hasbro sites

thanks to Kagri on MLP Arena for spotting these!

  • Dress Up Sets - Pinkie Pie & Sweetie Belle

  • Ponyville Easter Egg Sets

  • Ponyville 4-pack

Jan 28, 2010 New "Mermaid" Ponyville

New mermaid ponyville singles, sets, and playsets have been found on www.hasbro.com

Jan 24, 2010 Easter Ponyville "Celebrate Spring"

New easter set found on www.hasbro.com